Invisible watermarks for your content
Protects you from reputational and economic harm from content thieves and AI deepfakes

What is Verda AI

We live in "post trust" internet age
Verda helps to protect you from reputational and economic harm using AI and cryptography.

For content creators
Anyone can republish your content. They take credit for your work and monetize your creation.

For Public Personalities
With AI, anyone can make content that looks and sounds exactly like you. The “fake you” can say anything and damage your reputation. Your followers can no longer trust what is the “real you” online.

With Verda, add an invisible watermark to your content before you upload. Then, you and your followers can use Verda to prove which photos, videos, and audio were created by you, even if it is edited, filtered, screenshotted, or manipulated. It provides you with the cryptographic proof of ownership and stops misuse of your creation or likeness.
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